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In addition to the links listed above, owners may find the following info useful:

Online Manual
Spring Training Instructions
Trade Committee Instructions
Postseason Instructions

Spring Training Instructions
Please send your ST allocations in a TEXT file, one line per player. The list should be sorted by position and by name:
– all Pitchers in alphabetical order, then
– all C in alpha order, then
– all 1B in alpha order, then
– all 2B in alpha order, then
– all 3B in alpha order, then
– all SS in alpha order, then
– all LF in alpha order, then
– all CF in alpha order, then
– all RF in alpha order

In Weaver, each player is by default assigned the minimum number of points for maintenance. You are then free to assign the remaining points to any area you choose. If you wish, you can take away maintenance points from a given skill and assign it elsewhere. (However, this may result in a ratings drop for that skill.) You can send in ST allocs for as many players (or as few) as you would like.

Hitters have the following default allocations:
20 CH, 20 PH, 20 SP, 5 FA, 10 AS => 75 total, 25 bonus

Pitchers have the following default allocations:
10 AS, 10 EN, 15 CO, 10 HR, 10 FA, 10 per pitch
– 75 total, 25 bonus for 2-pitch pitchers
– 85 total, 15 bonus for 3-pitch pitchers
– 95 total, 5 bonus for 4-pitch pitchers
NOTE: dropping 2-pitch pitchers to 1-pitch is NOT allowed

The lines below are examples of how to specify ST points:
– 1B Fisk, Milt -5 CH, 20 PH, 10 SP (hitter with minus points on CH, total adds to 25)
– 2B Cerone, Craig 10 CH, 10 PH, 5 FA-2B (hitter with no minus points, total adds to 25)

– LHP Gossage, Ken 10 CO, 10 FB, 5 SL (2-pitch pitcher)
– RHP Schwert, Bob 5 AS, 5 EN, 5 HR (3-pitch pitcher)
– LHP Blue, Vida 5 CU (4-pitch pitcher)

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Trade Committee Instructions
Welcome to the Weaver Trade Committee for the #YEAR# season! Thanks for accepting the invitation to serve, and I look forward to working with you all this upcoming season.

When Jim originally put together the TC, it was to serve as a sanity check for whether a deal was bad enough to be blocked. Before that, he would make the blocks on his own and listen to endless carping for his decision. With the TC in play, there was at least some additional confirmation for his belief that a deal was too one-sided… so one-sided that possibly
– 1) there was some collusion going on
– 2) a new owner was getting totally ripped off/taken advantage of
– 3) this would radically shift the balance of power within the league, and/or gut one franchise’s ability to compete over the long term.

Submitted trades should be evaluated strictly on the players/picks involved in that deal. TC members submitting deals should refrain from comment to avoid the perception of actively lobbying for their interests.

As a member of the TC, your job is to do what all judges and arbitrators do in real life: read the statute, consider the evidence at hand, then render an opinion based on your consideration of both. If you think a deal violates 1 of the 3 criteria, you are free to follow your own conscience and vote BLOCK. All you need to do is write a reasonable explanation for how you feel, and I’ll back your right to cast that vote 100%.

Some additional info:
* Whenever a deal is blocked, I send the involved owners an anonymous excerpt of comments from the TC deliberations. The purpose of this is to give owners a sense of what the TC is collectively thinking, without having to subject any individual to email harassment. Everyone has a right to vote the way they feel, as long as they can back up their vote with reasonable analysis.

* Please, no public comments/forum posting on submitted trades. Let the involved owners decide if they want to make their blocked deals public. I’ll post all passed deals on the Trades page after each sim.

* You are under no obligation to discuss your own vote and reasoning with external owners. If you want to participate in forum threads or answer emails, that’s up to you. Please don’t reveal the votes/reasoning of other TC members, though: it should be up to each person to decide.

* TC discussions are meant to be a round table exercise, with everyone putting their feedback into the pot. If you can bring up good points that sway others, that’s great, but don’t think of deliberations as a chance to browbeat others into agreeing with you.

Postseason Instructions
Congratulations on making the Weaver Playoffs! This email briefly outlines the procedure we’ll use to run the postseason.

* Playoffs start Fri #DATE# at the latest. If I hear from all 4 of you earlier, I’ll sim G1/G2 as soon as possible. Once the playoffs start, we’ll sim a minimum of 2 games per day until we have a final winner. Keep an eye on your email.

* Each sim day, I’ll send injury updates + available pitch counts (measure of rest) to each of you. We’ll only sim 2 days at a time, but I will ask you to set 4 pitchers in the VGM: your next 2 starters, a probable Game 3 starter (can be changed) as well as 1 pitcher who will NOT pitch at all. Postseason calendar for each series is 2-3-2, with travel days in between. Pitchers tend to gain back 25-30 pitches for each day of rest.

* Roster/lineup changes should be submitted through the VGM. Three-man rotations are allowed, but the VGM must be set with 4 pitchers as a consequence of the game mechanics: this 4th pitcher will not pitch at all. Rosters must have exactly 25 players, with 10 pitchers minimum.

* Submissions are due by 7pm PT / 10pm ET on a sim day. If I hear from all 4 owners earlier though, I will run the next pair of games as soon as I can. (example: if I hear from all of you by say 1030am on a Saturday, I’m not going to wait 9 hrs to sim the next games).

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks, and good luck!