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Full Version: Flashback: 2036/2046 Amateur Drafts
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10 seasons back:
- Should Have Been #1: C Levan Zubashvili, drafted 12th by JAM
- Draft Bust: 2B Samson Nguema, drafted 14th by HK
- Steal Of The Draft: CF Scott Cerone, drafted 43rd by CALA

20 seasons back:
- Should Have Been #1: RF Barney Shannon, drafted 13th by RIO
- Draft Bust: 1B Tony Morton, drafted 8th by OAK
- Steal Of The Draft: 1B Henry Pipgras, drafted 43rd by BOMB

Next year (2057) will be the 10th anniversary of Ryan's "premature draft evaluations" so it will be fun to see how these hot takes turned out in retrospect...