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Full Version: Most Overrated Band Ever
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I'd like someone to explain to me the whole Led Zeppelin love fest that seems to be prevelant everywhere. Yes, Jimmy Paige was a great guitarist. But, Robert Plant's voice is annoying. Their drummer was good, not great, and their bassist was passable at best. They had exactly 2 songs that I like, but they get played all the time, and tons of people seem to think they are one of the greatest bands ever. Why?
Not sure about Zeppelin..

But, I'll cast my vote for most overrated (I'm already wearing the flame suit)... The Beatles.

I don't know if they qualify as a "band" but Limp Bizkut gets my vote.

So many reasons, I won't even go into here.

Rob you're fucking nuts. End of story.
I personally dig Zeppelin. Find "Kashmir: The Symphonic Tribute to Led Zeppelin" and you might appreciate them a little more. That CD is amazing.

I'm not a Beatles fan and I do consider them somewhat overrated, but a band with that much stroke over the history of music can't be too overrated.

I'm pullin for 2 bands here...KISS (never liked them much) and Creed. (THAT was an overrated band if ever there was one).

That's my two cents anyway.
Creed.. *sigh* no arguement there.

As for the Beatles, are you saying that billions of people can not be wrong? Hehehe.
Hehe. Yeah, Creed was rather tiring. I was hoping that someone would lock Scott Staph and Fred Durst into a cage and let them whallop on each other for a while. That would have been amusing.

Actually millions of people CAN be wrong...I'd just rather not get into politics here. As far as the Beatles go my opinion of them is based more on their influence over music for the last few decades than anything else. I'm not personally a fan, but they've been integeral to the development of modern music.
I don't know what the debate is about The Beatles. Their music continues to stand the test of time, and, really, I doubt the songs will ever fade away. They may have been known for revolutionizing rock, but moreless they created pop music all by themselves. As a band, they changed their style to whatever the culture was doing. They came to America as clean-cut dorky English guys, and ended as long-haired hippie Americans. Continuing through to current day, Paul McCartney continues to flourish with his own version of middle-aged pop music. Their verses usually said very little, but they came up with more catch-phrase-lingo in their songs than any band ever. The Beatles were simply amazing, and the only thing anyone can say against them is that their songs didn't mean enough. But if their songs meant enough to drive an entire population berzerk, then they must have meant something.

As for Creed, yeah they suck and Scott Stapp is a whiny biatch.

But they were huge hold the record for biggest selling album, right?

A lot of rappers use verses in reference to trying to sell as many records as Creed. Once again, when you influence the culture enough to sell more records than anyone, have rappers who never heard you before wanting to sell as many records as you, and to have an opposing group of people who just hate you--well then you've made it.
True, but you can still be over rated and "make it". All that outcome states is that there are a lot of people with lousy taste in music...and that's not exactly a state secret.

Yeah Creed gets a big vote from me. I have always been a Metallica fan, but Greenday and Nickelback are growing on me.

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