someone say death metal?

so, by now you've propably heard Queens of the Stone Age's single, "No One Knows" with Dave Grohl (foo fighters) on drums.

no, they aren't new. The band's been around since the late 80s believe it or not, known as Kyuss. I've been preaching about them for a long time, and it seems people are starting to take notice - tickets sold out within 2 hours the last time they showed up here. mad.gif I guess too much of a good thing..
i don't know what's going on with that nonsense. "I smoke two blunts before i smoke two blunts, and then i smoke two more!!" Ya Mon!

I've heard of that band and figured that I'd heard that song on the radio at some point without knowing who it was. I downloaded it and as it is I'd never heard it before, but yeah they sound like a pretty cool band.
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