2054: Sim #21
warsaw, edmonton enjoy brief win streaks towards the end of a trying season

trade deadline Tues May 22 7pm PT
next sim wednesday
placeholder for sim discussion
congrats to ENT RHP John Scott on his perfect game!
Very bad sim...
Lost 2 games on lead...rastas are coming gulp!!
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still gotta lot of ground to make up. wouldn't get too worried about us yet
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(05-20-2018, 01:46 AM)havana Wrote: congrats to ENT RHP John Scott on his perfect game!

Way to go John! Not the guy I would have expected, but congrats nevertheless. Nice thing to see coming back from vacation.
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[EDMONTON - ALB] The Edmonton Orcas stole 20 bases in 4 games during a sweep of the Cairo Scorpions. Cairo catcher Herb Alston, known throughout his career for his stellar arm and over 30% career caught stealing rate, was at a loss for how it happened. "They had good jumps," Alston said after game four of the series. "Several of our current (pitching) starters have really high leg kicks. That makes their delivery slower than average. Combine that with big curves and quality change-ups, it makes it tough for whomever is behind the plate to catch would-be base stealers."

The Orcas also won both of their previous contests in their two game series against Hong Kong. The Dragons had won 11 of their last 13 before the losses. They then went on to take 3 of 4 from Roehm Divisional leader Long Beach though. "We blame it on jet lag and poor food choices," explained Hong Kong's All-Star first baseman Humbert Wooldridge. "Edmonton is one hell of a flight. And while green onion cake is delicious, it doesn't always agree with everyone."

Also of interest, Edmonton's starter turned closer Brad Yates picked up his 13th and 14th saves of the season during the win streak. While Yates' ERA is less than to be desired, only 6 of 19 inherited runners have scored on him. He also has the second best opponent batting average on the staff. Unfortunately, he is plagued by the long ball, surrendering 14 home runs in 37 innings pitched. But on a team with only 39 wins, 14 saves is quite a feat, and good enough for 7th in the Blizzard League.
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