2055: Offseason
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Oct 2054 -- http://www.weaverball.com/reports/2054/rptidx.htm
Jan 2055 -- http://www.weaverball.com/reports/2055/rptidx.htm

Listed below are the deadlines for this offseason:
(all dates and times are subject to change)

W1.Thu Jun 14, 7pm PT:
- Roll Call: I need to know if you are IN or OUT for the 2055 season.
This early date gives me enough time to send updates to the guys on
the waiting list, as well as find new owners if needed.

W1.Fri Jun 15, 7pm PT
- FA Protections: The following players are eligible for the 1-round Weaver FA Draft:
1) All players with EXP >= 6. (Six players from this group can be protected).
2) All players 26+ years old and EXP=0. (No players from this group can be protected).
Please send me your protections.
- All-Timer Selection: This only applies to HAV (in order).
Once I find out the selections, I will work with the advisory
committee to generate ratings.
- Franchise Moves: Weaver has 6 teams in each region: NA, Europe,
Latin/South Am, and Asia/Africa/elsewhere. If you want to move your
franchise out of your current region, you need to find a trading
partner willing to swap. Relocations will be put up for a vote among
all owners. Your city's home climate will change to match the new
geographic location.
- Park Changes: If you want to change your park, you are free to do
so, with no vote required. The only restriction is that the Kingdome
is NOT allowed, and your park must be from the stock list of BBPro
stadiums. You can choose between turf or grass (Wrigley/turf? OK!).
Note that while your park may change, climate will not.
- EXP Resets: Rookies with EXP=1 and (AB < 130 or IP < 50) are
eligible for a one-time EXP reset. This preserves their eligibility
for the Rookie of the Year Award.
- Trade Committee: It's the Polanski's turn for a new rep, with Jose
rotating out after this season. I'll announce the new committee once
owner headcount is finalized.

W2.Mon Jun 18, 9am PT
- FA Draft Starts: Ryan, our Draft Czar, has graciously agreed to run
the FA Draft again for us this year. Thanks Ryan! More details to come
later. Trades are allowed AFTER the completion of the FA Draft.

W3.Fri Jun 29, 7pm PT
- Spring Training Due. If you can turn them in earlier, though, great.
I'll use this weekend to cram through last-minute submissions. Please
use the standard format for submitting values; if you don't use this
format, I reserve the right to NOT process your submission. If you're
not familiar with the format I'm talking about, let me know, and I'll
send you email with instructions.

You DO NOT have to wait until after your FA pick to send in values. If
you want, you can send me a 2nd email with your numbers just for that
pick. Hopefully 3 weeks should give everyone enough time to make their

- Secondary Fielding Boosts: Each team can select 1 player per offseason
to get post-ST ratings boosts at a secondary fielding position. Actual FA
ratings will get set to 50% of primary, and potentials will get set to 70% of
primary pots.

W4.Mon Jul 2, 7pm PT
- Spring Training Processed. I'll flip the switch as soon as I get
done with allocs.

W4.Fri Jul 6, 7pm PT
- Rosters/Lineups Due. Please submit your rosters/lineups via
VirtualGM. I'll use this weekend to make all user changes.

W5.Sun Jul 8, 7pm PST
- Opening Day. Another great season of Weaver action!
clean on 1st spin, whee!!!
Free Agency Central also updated!
- http://www.weaverball.com/free_agency
Goodbye to 2 time MVP Sam Andrews thanks for helping win 1 more title on your way out. 1b Chris Rowland also decided to retire leaving 2 huge holes for the Swedes to fill, along with a pending FA pick it’s not looking like a good offseason in Stockholm.
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How on earth did Pitlock win MVP over Watkins??
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As I had hoped, P John Hilly won IL ROTY. I thought the 15 losses might hinder him but voters looked past the anemic run support and rewarded his 2.73 ERA. First Nukes ROTY since Phat Albert Morientes in ‘40. Good start to what will hopefully be an important piece of a strong pitching staff being developed for NY.

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Intesting offseason. Stockholm loses two key bats, but retains nearly all of their arms. Lot of old AllTimers decided to stick around for one more year, most notably Adrian Beltre staying at The Beach. Meanwhile The Godfathers win the #2 FA pick in the lottery, making for a potential changing of the guard in the Barnes.
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"For Aiur"
We kept our pitching staff intact, and most of our offense. LF Nate Lynch retired, leaving our only glaring hole at LF (though honestly we have lots of other holes, just not as glaring).

Can we make a quick competitive reversal? HON didn't seem to lose much in the off season, so will be an uphill climb.

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i thought i had my next All-Timer selection wrapped up, but i didn't realize just how barren my offense would be without Rod Carew. i guess that's what i get though for dealing away both CF Messenger and RF Maloney without 100% alternates ready to step in.

i guess its back to the drawing board... get a big bat to fill out the lineups, or just try to win every game 1-0...
or just pick something fun, just for experiments' sake to see what would happen...
Wow that front page looks great!!!
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