2055: Sim #11b
Kershaw welcomes himself back to the BL with 13-strikeout gem for Stockholm

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without fail, whenever i travel, i always forget SOMETHING. sometimes it's an article of clothing, or a piece of tech gear, or maybe some reading I wanted to get done.

in this case, none of these applied, and I was feeling pretty good. Only when I booted my laptop at 10000 ft did I realize what I had forgotten: to put the cleaned up post-draft archive on my system so I could assign the draft picks and run the sim.

I paid for the Wifi charge to download the file, but the consumer technology is not really geared toward long file downloads (4mb, wow long haha). it completed the first time and I tried to load it into my laptop, but it gave me an error screen I had never seen before. not willing to risk data corruption, I turned the virtual machine off and did what you do normally on a flight... eat a bit, sleep a bit, watch videos, etc.

So all the effort of setting up a deadline so I could work on this stuff early while in flight? Nope. Ended up having to stay up late after arrival to run the sim, exactly what I wanted to avoid. Ugh, my fault. Sorry about having to rush you guys with roster placement.
Alright this is getting frustrating. 241 runs scored, 204 runs allowed. Pythagorean winning percentage is .583, which would put us solidly in second place.

Instead, we are 31-37, a .456 winning percentage, and in fourth place.

Not. My. Year.

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Learned something new today. Apparently lineup changes don't impact the first game of a sim. On that note, lost 2 of 3 to Calabria, allowing them to catch back up in the standings.

Got the single most important sim of the entire season coming up next. Sim #12 will determine our fate this season. Gotta fire on all cylinders and can't miss a beat guys. Let's go get 'em!
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(08-30-2018, 07:50 AM)Executor_Ryno Wrote: Learned something new today. Apparently lineup changes don't impact the first game of a sim.

Yes, processing the draft is much faster this way from the admin side. Instead of making a pick, and adjusting the rosters each time, instead I have all teams SKIP the draft. Afterward, I have teams claim their guys as free agents, advance the clock 1 day, and then adjust rosters/lineups all at once. Doesn't make to sense to do lineup changes on draft day itself as often those depend on the roster changes which are themselves dependent on draftee assignments.

I learned this the hard way after my first season as commish in 2026.

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