2055: Sim #14
HON / LND / ENT / JAM at the break
will we see the same set at the end of the season?

ASG wednesday
next sim saturday
placeholder for sim discussion
Cmon Fathers. We need the Boog back!

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another loss to Cairo. that shjt always makes me worried. got zubashvilli out now for a couple weeks but I should be getting him and coombs back at the same time. sure hole qe can hold off lb as our window is getting smaller and smaller.

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Got some breathing room now as July has not been kind to the Godfathers. Can't let up though. Looking at what a difference a single trade can make, Andy Sommerville is 6-0 in 8 games since coming over from the Rebels. We are exactly 6 games up on both the Godfathers and Dragons.
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Hopefully the All Star Break is just what the Swedes need to rest/relax and recover from injuries. The team has ZERO depth and can't afford injuries, and currently have our 2-6th hitter in the lineup all with injuries.

STO C Daesung Jang (bruised heel) is day-to-day (severity = 5%).
STO C Juan Marchena (bruised heel) is day-to-day (severity = 9%).
STO 2B Tom Pitlock (bruised heel) is day-to-day (severity = 10%).
STO SS Shintaro Sasaki (fractured toe) is day-to-day (severity = 22%).
STO CF Ryan Watkins (fractured toe) is day-to-day (severity = 18%).

Watkins is still tearing it up despite playing through an %18 injury.
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