2055: All-Star Game
BL 6, IL 1

Top2: BL 1, IL 0
Back-to-back singles up the middle by C Jodie Caffyn and DH Harry Deal set the table, 1B Ramon Oviedo plates 1st run of the game with RBI grounder to right through the 2B hole

Top5: BL 4, IL 0
LF Nuno Almeida hit by pitch, advances to 3rd on hit-and-run grounder by 2B Seth Day up the middle. CF Ryan Watkins clears bases with 398ft HR to left-center

Bot6: BL 4, IL 1
LF Mike Trout hits bloop single to LF, advances to 3rd... scores on double to short left center by CF Shinji Hiraoka.

Top8: BL 6, IL 1
RF Billy Thompson plunked, steals 2B.. scores on single to short left center by 3B Ron Bass.
LF Nuno Almeida lashes ball down the RF line for a 2B, scoring Bass.

MVP: CF Ryan Watkins

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