Overly Premature Draft Evaluations: 2056
Y'all know the drill by now. Here are your Overly Premature winners and losers. Dark horses too.

The Winners

Vancouver - Sam Hardy, the premier power bat of the draft sporting a colossal 45 PH at 20, should not have slid to #3. Great news for the Mounties though. Add in another solid 20 yr old RF in Bob Murphy. Their round 2 picks are more dark horse type, but I'd say both will be decent contributors at minimum.

Cozumel - Earl Cooper, I think, has the highest ceiling of any arm in the draft. Great pickup for the Mayans. I also like RF Bob Mountain, picked up at #15. He's a speedy outfielder with a good arm and some good left-handed power. Add another left-hander in the second round and you have a great draft overall for Cozumel.

Havana - Jim Busse has a very high ceiling and SP Phil Ward already has a high floor. A good balanced first round for Havana. Second round pick Bill Bogart is another high ceiling candidate. This was a good draft to get a catcher and the Cigars got two.

The Losers

Sydney - C Blackburn was a real head-scratcher. Yes, he's a switch-hitter with good contact, but that's about it. Unless his power grows by a lot, he won't really be able to take advantage of all that contact. Second round pick Bones Champion has a high floor, but looks like he'll have a low ceiling as well. He's got the best pickoff move though, so there's that.

Rio/Milan - No-shows for the draft resulting in autopicks for round one. Those picks may still turn out well, but as always, the loss of perfectly good 2nd round picks puts you in the losers section.

Cairo - The other team that passed on Hardy. Not that Charlie Hatcher looks like a bad player, he just doesn't look like the best. The odd thing here is the redundancy. Cairo picked centerfielders with their first and second rounders even though that is the position that is already deepest in their farm system. Also unfortunately their list draft resulted in picking up two 3Bs later in the draft. One or more trades were likely in the works, but these evals don't consider that.

The Dark Horses

Edmonton - Man, Charlie Garbark is such a tough read. Great arm, endurance, and control, but being a 4-pitch pitcher at 22, he may not have much room for growth. However, the hard-throwing lefty taken 4th by the Orcas was clearly the best 4-pitch guy in the pool so there's a chance he eventually hits ace level. Edmonton's other picks, CF Gregory and RF Salmon could both be great, but those high vL numbers are concerning in a righty-dominated league.

Warsaw - This draft had a lot of catchers, and you know what? Most of them looked pretty good. The White Eagles drafted a couple of them that were on the younger side as well as a 17 yr old with low starting values but plenty of time to grow. Good moves by the White Eagles with middle-of-the-round picks.

Jamaica - If LF Joe Aikens is able to live up to the hype in the discussion board, I'll need to move Jamaica up to the winners circle. 1B Bishop, taken late in the second round, has an outside shot at being a decent first basemen or a pretty good DH. Ditto for Ozzie Mullen, their third round pick.

Bonus Round:

The "Milk Cows, Not Clocks" Award goes to Mike B of Stockholm who seemed to be in every other set of You're On The Clock emails that I sent out, but was pretty much always prompt in making his picks. You're an inspiration to us all Mike.

The "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" Award goes to Jim for his side-splitting remark about the name of his third round pick.

The "I'm Still Here" Award goes to Panama who didn't have any picks until after lists were due, but still sent one in anyways.

There you have it. We'll see how wrong I was in 10 seasons.
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Lf aikens was part of the deal that brought me Watkins. So huge pay out with that pick right away not down the road.
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Thanks Ryan for the fun read! Looking forward to next season when the first of your "obviously premature" evals syncs up with the flashback 10/20 draft posts..

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