2056: Sim #14
AMI/NY/ENT/LB at the break, will we see the same 4 at the end of the season?

all-star game wednesday
next sim saturday
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It’s not how you start but how you finish, but I’m obviously still happy with the Nukes heading into the All-Star break. Gave up a grand total of four runs last sim and riding a ten game winning streak. League leading 63-22, 6.5 game lead over London but more importantly 8 games up in the loss column. Can’t complain.

It felt like the team might face a little adversity two sims ago. P John Hilly went on the DL and the Nukes hit a bit of a skid, while London took advantage and got within 3.5 games. Brought Mutt Blosser up as an uninspiring reinforcement while hoping for a quick recovery from Hilly. Mutt has answered the bell though, giving up one run in two starts while the Nukes have gone on a tear. Still have a few weeks before Hilly comes back but don’t feel as nervous about patching that hole in the rotation as I did a couple of sims ago.

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