avengers endgame
i've got my tickets for thursday april 25 6pm. had to wake up and get online at 7am to beat the fandango crash.
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(04-05-2019, 06:58 PM)kemosabe000 Wrote: i've got my tickets for thursday april 25 6pm. had to wake up and get online at 7am to beat the fandango crash.

SPOILER ALERT: Ant Man shrinks, crawls up Thanos ass, then turns into Giant Ant Man and instantly tears him apart. Avengers win! Yay!

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SPOILER ALERT: Hawkeye aims for the head.
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1st hour is iffy.  2nd hour much better.  3rd hour is best super hero battle you will ever see.  

my fav moment is when captain america, iron man, and thor fight thanos in the last hour.  but the moments in that part with captain america are worth the whole movie!!
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did a quick search last night for Thu/Fri tix and the only open seats were for like 2am showings.  didn't want to go to a late film, power through it, and then have to roll through a full day.

well maybe im exaggerating a little bit.  there were a few 9p tickets last night, but for front row to the very left.  last time i had bought those seats, it was for batman 2 with danny devito as penguin and i had to put my neck at a weird angle to see all of the screen.  no thanks to that experience again (even with the new fancy seats), hard pass.

hoping to get around to this next week... but then again i still have to work through 2 eps of thrones backlog.
It was a great movie. Just when I found myself saying "This thing really needs to pick up the pace", it did.

Really tugged at some emotions. Wasn't real happy with Captain Marvel's part in the movie, but there wasn't anything that killed it for me.

Certainly did not seem like it was 3 hours long, I could sit through it again for sure.
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Pretty slow to start but ended with a bang. Looking forward to watching it at home and not in the 2nd row
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