2057: Sim #3
3 new division leaders!  panama city retains lead at the top

next sim wednesday
placeholder for sim discussion
Jack coombs who? P Ralph ely doing an awesome job replacing the big guy!
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3 out of 4 from Amity...we won't discuss their recent injury issues...just saying

I still need some more pieces if I have any hope of keeping this going.
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I think my pitchers are learning how to keep the ball in the park this year?  Maybe not.  Too early to tell.

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I'll take a 14-3 start to division play.  Everyone not named Betts is hitting over .270.  The advantage of picking a 5-tool player for my alltimer is clear though.  Even when he's not hitting for average or power, the speed, glove, and arm are still making positive contributions at every turn.
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