Wow what a finish!  I just got back from my son's hockey tournament in Montreal, turned on the TV and literally saw the last second play as it happened.

Talk about drama waiting for that shot to drop.
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always love those crowd shots of maple leaf square... folks going absolute bananas.
demar was a great teammate and loved tronna but hard to argue with the results of trading him for kawhi
I think the Raptors might actually give the Warriors a pretty good challenge, especially if KD doesn’t come back by Game 3.  And as well as the Warriors play on the road I think not having home court could have the Warriors wishing they hadn’t skated through the regular season quite as much as they did.

Man, I used to LOVE the Warriors back in the Run TMC days, and it’s great that I have a team that’s had a great run of success.  But as much as I’ve enjoyed it I just can’t get into this run like I would if it were the A’s/Sharks/Bengals pulling off something like this.  That period between Latrell Sprewell choking PJ Carlissimo and the We Believe run was just too depressing (drafting Todd Fuller ahead of Kobe) and I’ll admit I checked out for an extended period.  I kinda feel like I surrendered my right to really enjoy this since I didn’t really stick with them during that bad run.  I mean I’ve stuck with the Bengals through them being the Bengals all those years, so you know the Warriors were depressing if I checked out on them, hahaha!  But anyways, as always I root for them and I’ll celebrate if they win, but I’ll admit to feeling a little guilty about it.

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