2057: Sim #7
cigars skid hits 11, anti-tanking provisions (death lottery) to kick in?
uh oh...

next sim wednesday
placeholder for sim discussion
congrats to HK RHP Tad Montgomery for hurling a no-hitter against Long Beach!
You know, if some of y’all Roehm teams could actually win some games against the Godfathers, that’d be great.
Ryno, Executor of the Zealots, Draft Czar.
Barnes Division Champs - 2055, 2056
Francisco Matthei - 2054 ROY, 2056 CY.  Paul Blaisedell - 2056 MVP

"For Aiur"
Chad Wong out for the season...nooo
[Image: 0GzHqpg.jpg]
Rio de Janeiro Capybaras
Working on getting back to winning!
[Image: GpfX8GS.jpg]
(wow I can't wait to see Episode 9...)

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