Flashback: 2037/2047 Amateur Drafts
10 seasons back (2047):
- Should Have Been #1: LHP Robbie He, drafted 3rd by AMI
- Draft Bust: 3B Ifeanyi Celestine, drafted 10th by WAR
- Steal Of The Draft: RHP Stathis Dafopoulou, drafted 59th by PAN

10 seasons back (2047): Ryan's Premature Draft Evaluations

20 seasons back:
- Should Have Been #1: 2B Tom Pitlock, drafted 2nd by STO
- Draft Bust: SS Michal Wojtkowiak, drafted 20th by HK
- Steal Of The Draft: RHP Ben Winger, drafted 47th by STO
2047 - 3 picks, 3 absolutely worthless players for Cairo.
2037 - 2 picks, 2 absolutely worthless players for Cairo.
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RHP Karim Donat, #22 overall
back half of the rotation starter who I thought would perform a little better than he has.  At the time I was really excited for his potential to be a #1/#2 type, now I see he'll most likely be just a nice complementary piece (every winning team needs a lot of those)

RHP Gelson Metthez, #46 overall
great find at the end of the 2nd round.  flexible guy who has filled a number of bullpen roles for me over the years.  wish he was a little more consistent though, tends to alternate between good and bad seasons.

CF Osvaldo Montufar, #70 overall
Cigars alumni relations department has had no luck tracking this guy down... any pointers would be appreciated

LF Otto Westermann, #10 overall
feast or famine HR masher. i was bummed to have to lose him to FA because while he was a strong contributor and had good talent, he just wasn't FA6 worthy at the time for me

RHP Allan Dickerman, #34 overall
traded away as part of a package to LND for SS Frank Pienaar; Pienaar was a key to a lot of the strong Cigars teams in the early 40s

RHP Wilfred Kalou, #58 overall
never able to crack my pitching staff but glad to see he's been able to scratch out a journeyman career after I released him.
20 years later and Stockholm has 5 picks in the 1st round again....let's hope this isn't the only Swedes history that repeats itself!!!
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