Communications between the Draft Czar and owners shall consist of email and posts within the OFFICIAL AMMY DRAFT XXXX thread in the Weaver Forums.  The Czar shall inform owners via email when they are on the clock.  This communication will be made through weaver aliases.  If you do not receive such communications, please inform the Draft Czar and Commish.  Emails received by the Czar will result in a "Received" reply.

***Picks are only considered official if they are made through email to the Draft Czar or posted on the Official Draft Thread.  In the case of discrepancy, email takes precedence.


The Draft Clock will begin at 11:00AM Central Time on the morning in which the Draft Pool has been out for at least 48 hours.  The Draft will conclude at a time designated by the Draft Czar at minimum one week later.  A "final lists due" warning email will be sent out when there are less than 48 hours remaining in the draft.  


There will always be 3 picks on the clock.  The clock runs 24 hours normally.  Your pick is on the clock when the pick at position 3 ahead of yours is made official by forum update.  At this time you will receive a "You're On The Clock" email from the Czar.  You have until the end of this 24 hour period to submit your list/pick to the Draft Czar.  There also exists a "grace period" between when your clock expires and when the Draft Czar logs on and updates the official draft picks forum thread.  Submissions received during this time will be honored as they do not slow the draft.  Submissions received after the official thread has been updated will not be honored and will be treated according to the following Terms.  Owners are always welcome to submit lists prior to their picks being on the clock as this speeds up the draft greatly.


If the Draft Czar has not received a submission from the owner, either a list or criteria for picking, the expired pick will be treated as follows.  If the expired pick is the owner's first pick in the draft, a player will be selected by the autopick provisions seen below.  If it is not the owner's first pick, it will be skipped.  Following an expired pick, the owner's remaining picks will be given a 12-hour, rather than 24-hour, clock, and labeled as "SKIP PENDING" 


Life is busy and sometimes a 24 hour window just isn't enough.  If an owner feels that he/she will not be able to make a pick due to life circumstances, an appeal may be made to the Draft Czar for a "serious" autopick.  This is different than an autopick made due to clock expiration and will not result in a penalty to the owner's remaining picks.  The Draft Czar and Commish will review appeals and approve/reject according to merit.  Acceptable reasons for autopick include, but are not limited to: travel, work, family-related circumstances, inclimate weather, and illness/injury.  Appeals must be made at least 12 hours prior to an owner's clock expiring.  Exceptions may, but do not have to, be made in the event of a last-minute emergency.


If the Draft Czar is forced to autopick for an owner whose clock has expired, he will use this method.  The Czar will glance over the draft pool and pick the top 4 players that "stand out" the most regardless of age or position and with no consideration towards the picking team's needs.  These players will each be assigned a number 1-4 and a 4-sided die rolled to determine which of the 4 will be chosen for that team's pick.  The Pick will be labeled in the official forum thread as "Autopick (Clock Expired)".


On the other hand, if a "Life is Busy" appeal is made and accepted, the Draft Czar will exercise "due diligence" in making the pick.  In addition to any guidelines received by the owner, the Draft Czar will inspect the owner's team closely, looking for areas of need and weigh those with the talent available in the pool.  The Draft Czar will examine the draft pool carefully as though making a pick for his own team.  The Pick will be labeled in the official forum thread as "Autopick (Appeal)".
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