Overly Premature Draft Evaluations: 2057
It's that time again.  With the 2057 draft wrapping up yesterday it's time to look at the winners and losers of this year's harvest of new talent.

The Winners

Honolulu- Within minutes of an expiring grace period Honolulu landed arguably the best looking 4-pitch starter in the draft at #16.  Fortune certainly favored the Volcanoes as they landed C Freddie Loftin once the list draft began.  Loftin was easily the most popular name in the list draft and looks like an incredible bargain as late as #40.  I could see us talking about either or both of these guys as the Steal of the Draft in 10 years.

Rio - New Rio owner Justin spent a lot to acquire the #3 pick in this draft and I think right now that it is going to pay off.  With that pick Rio landed 1B Davis Tovar, a 19-yr-old with an extremely high ceiling and I think will end up the best bat in the entire draft.  Following that up with power hitting LF Dominic Davies and Rio is well on their way to addressing an offense that needs a complete overhaul.

Oakland - At this point, I am ready to declare Oakland the big winners of the 2057 Draft.  Armand Holley is certainly a top 3 arm in this pool and should be ready for the majors sooner rather than later.  Second round pick Steengraffe is a hard-throwing sinkerballer who sank that low due to concerns over his control.  Still, with a killer sinker he should turn out well even with only decent growth in control.  Lastly Oakland landed 1B Eric Blair, an 18 yr old who has tons of room for growth.  He'll certainly be overshadowed by other 1Bs taken earlier, but should be a bargain as a mid third round pick.

The Losers

Milan - The Draft's only non-participant gets an automatic slot here.  No explanation necessary.

Argentina - Sidearmer Hans Alley isn't a bad arm, but there were better ones out there at #7.  This ended up being their only pick with their second rounder traded to Cozumel and not submitting a list for their third.

London - I might be eating some crow in 10 years, but I'm calling 2B Johnnie Bedford being a trap.  London also just missed Freddie Loftin in the second round.

The Dark Horses

Stockholm - The Swedes first pick of SS Nakazawa is a high-risk, high-reward 18-yr-old.  Debatable whether he or Aurelio Rash taken two picks before will be the best SS of this pool.  First base was even more crowded with talent and Luciano Howerton is one of those potential superstars.  The Swedes had the most first rounders with 5 and added a couple of second rounders too.  The Swedes got a couple of bargains in Jacob Brackett and control arm Milan Withrow.  

Warsaw- I had Stefan Corley as the #3 bat in this draft and for him to fall as far as #12 means either I'm dead wrong or that the White Eagles hit the jackpot in Round One.  Third base was very shallow in this draft and Hal Christiansen was certainly the best.  Hopefully his higher speed and strong arm are indicators that his bat will improve.

Sapporo - Though they missed out on Corley, Sapporo took C Demetrius Salter, a slightly older but nevertheless talented option.  With the highest CH+PH, he is a solid pick.  The Snow Monkeys just have to hope that he grows a lot within the next 3-4 years.  Lonny Wing has great pitch ratings but a low CL does not bode well for a reliever.  Second round pick Weiss throws hard but needs a lot of control improvement for success at the major league level.
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always look forward to these since they started coming out...
Thanks Ryan!
I won the draft.

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Seems like a good place for my own review/recap of my draft.

8th-SS Takeshi Nakazawa--obviously it was wishful thinking I pegged 1b Tovar/LF Davies as the 2 players I was hoping would be there at 8th, neither was...I did have SS Nakazawa ahead of Rash so glad that worked out the way it did...now only time will tell.

15th 1b Luciano Howerton--1b was a postion of need and I thought Howerton was the best position player left

18th RP Harold Bender--wanted him from the moment I saw the draft pool, and probably took him too high, but loved the FB/CB combo and have seen this type of pitcher be very successful. also feel he will progress quickly and I don't have much room in the minors.

19th 1b Micah Brubaker--Handicapping my Howerton pick as their ratings are very similar, liked both players thought I would double my chances at getting a good 1b.--strongly considered C Close--will have to watch his development.

21 SP Jacob Brackett--  Another player who I think will progress quickly and should develop into into a solid arm.

32- SP Chadwick Gaffney- another player I liked from the get go, good Sinker and sidearmer is a good combo in my mind.

39- Milan Withrom- a youngster with a good FB/CB combo
56- SP Felton Garland- another youngster with good ratings.
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It seemed to me like this was the most talent-rich draft in recent memory.  We'll see in 10 years if my strategy of taking all southpaws pays off.
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Barnes Division Champs - 2055, 2056
Francisco Matthei - 2054 ROY, 2056 CY.  Paul Blaisedell - 2056 MVP

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