2057: Sim #14
HON/PAN/CALA/JAM leading at the allstar break, will we see the same set of 4 at the end of the season?

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It's been a busy week in Rio regarding trades and signings, so let's take a moment to break down each and analyze the circumstances behind the trades as well as the new faces in the Capys farm system...

1B Leandro Rocha traded to Panama for RP John Boyles

Panama was looking for depth at corner infield, and Rio was looking for relief pitcher depth in their minor league system. For Rio, Boyles is a young prospect who has some potential with his pitch arsenal and makeup, but needs to work on his cutter in order to keep hitters off-balance and not tee off of his fastball combo. For Panama, they obtain a piece in their chase for the Lockwood pennant and for a hopeful postseason role.

SPs Rick Daughters and Bud Pirtle traded to Calabria for SS Claude "C.J." Musgrove

An unfortunate injury to Calabria ace Wayne Bigelow forced them to look on the trade market to stock up on arms for contending in their division. Rio stepped up and offered two of their top starters, and in exchange obtained a strong shortstop prospect who hopes to be a central piece in Rio's future plans. Musgrove, who goes by C.J., was having a solid but not spectacular season in AAA. Hopefully a change in scenery will help Musgrove grow into the prospect Rio hopes that he will be.

Rio signs SPs Ross Cahill, Dedi Devinamira & Yorkis Herrmann

The signing of these three veterans indicate that the Rio front office may not be done in acquiring prospects on the market. All three will factor into the major league pitching staff this season and will look to offer a stabilizing presence for a major league team that has seen a lot of departures as well as journeymen players step in for valuable innings. These signings parallel the earlier signings of pitching prospects Ley, Pinkerton and Wolf to the minor league system.

So what's next?

A deal has potentially been made that would send Rio SP Stephen Ayer and their 2058 second round amateur pick to Amity for SP prospect Gaston Nabors, though the deal is still awaiting league approval. Ayer has arguably been Rio's best pitcher this season, and his departure will continue the trend of Rio acquiring as many potential pieces for contention down the road. Nabors, a second-round draft pick this year, will join the other minor league pitching prospects and hopes to differentiate himself from a crowded field.

There could be a few additional free agents signed to balance certain team needs. The casualties of these signings may be RP Alex Polidor and 2B Maynard Rizzo, both of which were DFA'd to AAA recently after immense struggles to make any difference on the team.

After this, things may finally quiet down for the Capybaras. Though their future may look brighter than it previously did, the present for the major league team will be difficult to navigate. When reached out for comment, the first-year GM of the Capybaras offered a vision where they embrace the local area and look to create a culture that will inspire a loyal fanbase for years to come. "We may end up taking large financial losses, but we have anticipated this and minimized expenses to the point where we may break even by giving away tickets to the community, or offering packages to fans that include minor-league games that will showcase the future of this franchise."

Ultimately, Rio fans will just have to take solace that the franchise's front office at least is aware of their situation and is being aggressive in trying to change it while avoiding the pitfall of a toxic culture that could easily step in.

Wolf Blitzner is the Senior Sports Editor for The Rio Times and hopes that better times are ahead for the Capybaras.
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nice to make news.  and terrific write up.
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