2057: Playoffs
Volcanos.  Locks.  Zealots.  Lobsters.

WS: PAN defeats LB 4-1
G1: PAN 4, LB 3 (12)
G2: LB 4, PAN 3
G3: PAN 3, LB 1
G4: PAN 3, LB 0
G5: PAN 10, LB 8

ILCS: PAN defeats HON 4-1
G1: PAN 5, HON 0
G2: PAN 3, HON 1
G3: PAN 5, HON 3
G4: HON 6, PAN 5 (15)
G5: PAN 14, HON 4

BLCS: LB defeats ENT 4-3
G1: ENT 3, LB 2
G2: ENT 5, LB 2
G3: LB 5, ENT 2
G4: ENT 5, LB 3 (10)
G5: LB 4, ENT 1
G6: LB 12, ENT 2
G7: LB 6, ENT 4
uneducated guess:
- HON over PAN in 7, Locks cinderella run hits midnight at the last possible second
- ENT over LB in 7, Zealots just have that destiny look
- ENT over HON in 6, no Trout will make it tough to keep up with the Entebbe offense
volcano's lineups are in....no Trout no excuses
Honolulu 2000 & 2055 Weaverball Champions

"Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical"

~Yogi Berra
Zealots lineups are in.  Let's go!  Hoping Ed's predictions are right.
Ryno, Executor of the Zealots, Draft Czar.
Barnes Division Champs - 2055, 2056
Francisco Matthei - 2054 ROY, 2056 CY.  Paul Blaisedell - 2056 MVP

"For Aiur"
Playoffs are here, so let's take a look at each team's Keys to Victory:


No Trout.  No Problem - Mike Trout is arguably the biggest superstar in Weaver and while the Volcanoes will miss his bat in the playoffs, his absence is by no means damning.  Trout hit .271 with only 17 homeruns in 121 games.  What the Volcanoes will miss most is Trout's speed.  His 36 SBs led the team by a wide margin.  Time for the Duke to step up and fill some big shoes, but if anyone is up to it, it's him.

Potent Pitching - Honolulu's rotation has quietly put together quite the amazing year.  All 5 put up sub 2.70 ERAs, which was a major contributing factor to Honolulu winning 101 games.  As the old saying goes: Good pitching always beats good hitting.


Ouchies - Panama has several key players fighting through injuries, including ace Frank Tanaha.  If they're very very lucky, there's a chance RF Hannefin could make it back in time for Game 7 of the Weaver Series.

Bold moves.  Big Payout - Panama has been among the most active teams on the trade market in the past two seasons.  The results: a 110-game winner and new champion in the Lockwood.  How far can they go?  The sky's the limit for Sam who has done everything he can to build a championship-caliber team. 

Long Beach

Whip Those Whippersnappers - With the vast majority of the Lobsters roster being over 35 and several arms pushing 40, it's now or never.  Who needs some hot, young superstars when you have an array of proven players with track records that speak for themselves?  Oh wait, the Lobsters have that too in Aaron Judge and Odell Gilley.

Oh No, Onoda - If there's one player in the Long Beach lineup to watch out for, it's Shunsuke Onoda, the powerful shortstop who hit .311 with 37 HRs this year.  He only struck out 53 times and drew 50 walks.  Opposing pitchers, tread carefully.


Third Time's The Charm - The third year in a row the Zealots have made the playoffs.  The first two times came to an abrupt end at the hands of the Long Beach Lobsters.  Entebbe is hoping the third time's the charm and to get their revenge on the Lobsters.

No Way Jose - Without a doubt, Zealots ace Jose Fernandez has been the stingiest pitcher in all of Weaver this season.  If the Zealots can force a Game 7, their opponents face a tall order in having to steal a win from the Cy Young favorite.
Ryno, Executor of the Zealots, Draft Czar.
Barnes Division Champs - 2055, 2056
Francisco Matthei - 2054 ROY, 2056 CY.  Paul Blaisedell - 2056 MVP

"For Aiur"
Here's my take and predictions for the playoffs:

It looks like Honolulu's move for the Duke was crucial and may make a lasting difference in the playoffs. With the injury to superstar outfielder Mike Trout, the lineup prior to the deal looked to be top-heavy with Trout and may have even meant the team stays home in the fight for the Weaver Cup if Trout went down. However, Duke Snider came in from Sapporo and instantly made an impact with a slash line of .355/.400/.587, 9 home runs and 6 stolen bases with an MVP-level game score average of 4.1. Hitting cleanup in the Volcanoes lineup gives the Duke more opportunities to plate in more runs. He is the X-factor for this matchup against Panama City...as the Duke rules, so will Honolulu. With a strong pitching staff to match, the Volcanoes look to be the favorite in this matchup.

For Panama City, they need to lean on a stable, consistent lineup with their own impressive (and possibly deeper quality-wise) pitching staff and see if they can weather the Duke. I would almost wonder if their game plan will be to play it save against the top of the Volcanoes lineup, maybe even to pitch around him and get to the bottom of the order, or even lean on the bullpen a little more and see if they can throw the Honolulu offense off-kilter.

Even with that said, I still give it to Honolulu in 5 or 6 games. They have an 8-4 game advantage against the Locks during the season, and usually prior statistics can inform future outcomes. If the Duke slows down or is shut down somewhat, this could get interesting.

Matching the knock-down, drag-out rivalry between U.S. college football teams Alabama and Clemson, Long Beach and Entebbe meet once again the represent the Blizzard league in the Weaver Cup. This will be a slugfest and possibly a battle of attrition. With Entebbe having a couple of key injuries late to 1B Consuegra and setup man Toby Millard, they may have to shuffle their lineup a bit, which affects depth. Depth will be the key in this matchup; in a chess match, you always have to have a clutch move or two in your back pocket. 

With Entebbe having the slightly stronger overall lineup and Long Beach having the slight veteran edge, this might go back and forth. I have to give Entebbe the slight edge; though if the injury bug hits the Zealots again, this could quickly swap back over. Whoever gains the advantage in the early going (1-0, 2-1, 3-2 leads) will need to capitalize to put their opponent on the brink, but also not get comfortable.

Both teams are desperate for the Cup berth in different ways: Entebbe is looking to break through for the first time in a while; Long Beach is looking to claim one more title in their current championship window.

We'll see how this plays out, but I'd have to give the advantage overall to Entebbe (or Long Beach if they win the BLCS) due to stronger overall lineup; and really, if you can put destiny in the equation, that's how it looks right now. But baseball is weird, and stranger things (pun intended) have happened.

Shoutouts to the former Capys in the playoffs:

SP Babe Adams
RP/SP Jorg Suttner
C Laurent Blondin
3B Ken Quintero

SP Solly Gillenwater

3B Cesar Acevedo

We wanted to get y'all there, now bring home the bacon!
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(08-08-2019, 05:38 AM)volcano Wrote: volcano's lineups are in....no Trout no excuses

2/4 lineup submits received
(08-08-2019, 11:37 AM)of thavana Wrote:
(08-08-2019, 05:38 AM)volcano Wrote: volcano's lineups are in....no Trout no excuses


good to go now
Honolulu 2000 & 2055 Weaverball Champions

"Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical"

~Yogi Berra
3/4 lineup submits received... maybe we get started tonight and the spin THIS weekend?
one can dream

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